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Kinect Speech

Enabling Engineering

The Need

Therapy for children with cerebral palsy (CP) typically involves repetition of motor and speech tasks over many sessions. For any young child, therapy programs quickly become boring, which discourages adherence to the program. A reward-based game application that accomplishes therapeutic goals would conceivably encourage exercise participation and maintain motivation, resulting in greater adherence to therapy programs and better health outcomes

The Project

The team developed a Kinect-enabled video game that provides physical and speech therapy to children with CP within the context of an engaging, interactive virtual environment. The player assumes the role of a young spy-in-training and is given tasks and mini-games to progress through his/her training. Tasks and mini-games elicit expansive physicalmotions of the upperextremities, upright sittingposture, and speechprojection with the aim ofincreasing speech volumeand strengthening motorcontrol. Data correlatingspeech volume and upper-body motion is collectedand formatted on awebpage accessible toclinicians and researchers


Current Status

This project is complete.