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X-Max Game Controller

Enabling Engineering

The Need

An 18-year old boy has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to move around. His upper body movement is limited, and he speaks with the help of assistive technology. He enjoys playing video games, but currently he can only play with the help of an adult. The goal of this project is to develop a system that allows him to play video games independently.

The Project

The selected design mimics an Xbox 360 controller with an adjustablecontroller system. There are left andright joysticks that are separate from the rest of the controller, eachlarge enough to be manipulated bya full hand without fine motor controlin the fingers. A switch mechanism, located on the wheelchair’s headsupport, replaces the four maincontroller buttons. He controls itwith his head. Recently, the early prototype was improved by theaddition of a frame that is more rigidand adjustable, leaving the device better- suited to future modifications and making fine adjustments. This design is much cheaper to produce than existing solutions and more comfortable for users.

Current Status

The project team currently has one functional prototype and parts in house to build a second one