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Infrared Scope

Enabling Engineering

The Need

Brian, from the National Braille Press (NBP), would like to have an infrared scope which would be capable of sensing a target at a set distance. The scope would then alert the user when the target is in sight. The goal of the project is to create this scope, and use it in fundraising events that will be used to raise money used to help the visually impaired. Not only will the device help with fundraising, but it would also enable individuals with visual impairments to aim and shoot a gun with higher chances of hitting the target. The ideal range of this system would be 50 feet.

The Solution

The project will consist of an arduino scope, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a 3D printed casing. The battery limits are never approached so failure due to heat is not viable. The scope consists of an arduino board, a class one laser sensor, an audio jack for the user alert, volume control, and power control. Our goal is to construct a low battery signal, a user friendly distance calibrater, and possible bullseye detection. The casing also needs improvements including input holes for headphone jack, distance calibration display or input, and gun mounting. This project will also have to be tested for functionality and durability.