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Wheelchair Umbrella v3

Enabling Engineering

The Need

Virtual reality active videogames (AVGs) are popular physical therapy interventions for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy (CP) because they motivate children to engage in repetitive arm movements. Adherence to home-based AVG exercise programs is low, and therapists lack an effective means of monitoring children’s game play. Considering the role of the therapist, monitoring is an important component of any therapeutic AVG intervention—an effective AVG must become increasingly challenging as gameplay progresses to ensure the patient does not habituate to or lose interest in the task. Thus, therapists and patients have an unmet need for a user-friendly, in-home performance monitoring device that informs therapists’ feedback and task adjustments.

The Solution

We want to design a automatic wheelchair umbrella system that will work for all kinds of wheelchair and easy for people to assemble. Our idea is to attach a reverse open umbrella on her wheelchair and also design a structure which will provide a convenience control over the attached umbrella. A reverse-opened umbrella will keep our client and her wheelchair dry even during the process of closing the umbrella.