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Wheelchair Umbrella v3

Enabling Engineering

The Need

Our client wants to be able to go outside on rainy days in her wheelchair for about one to two hour daily. The umbrella must be large enough to cover the client, her wheelchair, and its controls, while also not being so large that it cannot fit through doors or that it inhibits the movement of the wheelchair. The umbrella must be easy to attach and detach. The design of the umbrella must also not inhibit her vision of the road so that it is not dangerous for her to move outside on her own.

The Solution

We want to design a automatic wheelchair umbrella system that will work for all kinds of wheelchair and easy for people to assemble. Our idea is to attach a reverse open umbrella on her wheelchair and also design a structure which will provide a convenience control over the attached umbrella. A reverse-opened umbrella will keep our client and her wheelchair dry even during the process of closing the umbrella.