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Amputee Workout

Enabling Engineering

The Need

For amputees the lack of exercise or inactivity puts one at more of a risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which contribute to vascular disease. If those who lost a limb due to vascular disease are not able to workout and improve their vascular health, they are at risk of losing another limb.Working out and participating in activities increases muscle growth, and helps improve not only physical health but mental health as well. For some, it acts as a coping mechanism after a traumatic event, and for others, the need to get back into a routine is what drives them to go to the gym. Whatever the case, working out is an important need for people who have experienced limb loss.

The Solution

This project aims to improve the mental and physical health of a trans-radial amputee by enabling them to exercise in the gym. One solution to this issue is creating a terminal attachment to an existing prosthetic that allows the user to participate in pushing and pulling exercise, also referred to as the Prosthetic Workout Device. After brainstorming, designing, creating multiple iterations, and testing, the group came to a prototype that satisfied the design requirements of use with the chest press, shoulder press, low row, lat pull-down machines, as well as body weight exercises. The design includes a tapered curve that allows for different diameter machine grips, compatibility with the quick wrist disconnect system, and a strap that allows for pushing and pulling motions. The completed design will allow the user to engage in physical exercise in a gym setting, while being comfortable and safe.