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Interactive Disability Website

Enabling Engineering

The Need

People with disabilities lack a transitional resource that assists them for life after schooling. The time after a person with disabilities turns 22 is referred to as ‘a cliff’ because federal and state support systems (ie schools) are no longer available after this age. Families and teachers of people with disabilities need a system to help them plan and track goals to ensure their child is ready for this sudden loss of support. Whether this is going to college, getting a job, or going into permanent care, a guiding resource is needed to help prepare for the child’s future. While resources do exist for this, they can be overwhelming to comb through with a lot of irrelevant information.

The Solution

A website that tailors support to the needs of the user. This website allows families to set a goal for their child and receive suggested milestones to help prepare for their future. It also allows teachers to access this information, if permitted, to allow clarity and alignment of goals. The core feature of the website is a checklist and timeline feature that provide clear and succinct tasks to build towards the child’s future. This feature depends heavily on personalized data chosen during a user survey to gather details about the child and their goals.