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IPad Mount

Enabling Engineering

The Need

One of the two end users is a high school student who tends to throw his iPad or remove clamps to seek attention. He is about to graduate and needs an iPad mount for adult care. The second end user also tends to remove clamps from her iPad. In addition, she uses a wheelchair and works most efficiently when the iPad is close to her body and horizontal on a surface. Thus, the iPad mount needs to be able to prevent an iPad from being removed by the end users, be easily removable by caretakers and supervisors, and be able to attach onto any surface object whether it be a table or a wheelchair.

The Solution

The design of the project would have a few simple components: a case, a suction cup, and buckles. The case would cover the iPad itself and not only does it have to be durable, it also should not diminish the usability of the iPad or make it too bulky. A suction cup will be attached to the case with a locking mechanism using buckles on the cup’s handles. The buckle-lock component will be obscured to prevent the end users from figuring out how to undo the buckles, and only caretakers and supervisors would be told how to undo the buckles. The suction cup serves as a better alternative to clamps due its greater hold and its ability to attach the iPad on any surface without worrying about adjusting to dimensions. The buckle-lock and the suction cup are going to be 3D printed, after which we will find a case that can cover the iPad and prevent removal. The completed design will prevent the users from removing their iPads and ultimately improve productivity.