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Recumbent Bike

Enabling Engineering

The Need:
A 22-year-old boy from Wisconsin has a rare disability called Trifunctional Protein Deficiency. Trifunctional Protein Deficiency (TFP) much resembles the aliments of Cerebral Palsy, causing difficulties walking. TFP affects the signals the brains send, causing the extremities to suffer the most.  He typically has a small walking distance however runs in the risk of falling. Creating a device that would increase his mobility, independence and safety would be the upmost beneficial. Moreover, creating a bike that allows him to use his arms rather than his legs would provide the most advantage as his upper body is stronger than his lower. 

The Solution:
The current group has designed a bike that is able to balance on multiple wheels. The bike operates using both arms and legs with a mechanism to help with inclines. The bike should motion and parking brakes, while have a easily accessible seating and a proper steering mechanism.  Currently the teams is working on CAD models for the Ackerman Steering for the front wheel and the dimensions of the entire trike that fit the boys size. The team will also incorporate their previously designed brake cables to the handle bars.