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List of projects undertaken in the year 2015. This includes volunteer, capstone, and class projects

Neurodot Interface

Enabling Engineering


The Neurodot, developed by Professors Sridhar and Chowdhury at Northeastern University, is a compact Electroencephalography (EEG) device. The Neurodot is a smaller EEG device that eliminates the need for several reference sensors placed across the face due to its tactical placement in the center of a patients scalp which is used as a reference ground. The device allows for a real-time, non-invasive monitoring of brain activity and is associated with a higher performance and sensitivity as compared to conventional sensors The Neurodot can be used to connect allow an individual who cannot communicate to use brain signals to control devices in their environment.

The Need

To make the Neurodot a more viable solution, Bluetooth communication between the Neurodot and a computer is needed to enable wireless communication, and computationally quick transforms are needed to eliminate signal noise.

The Project

Built a working prototype of a real-time Bluetooth connection from a computer running MATLAB to the onboard receiver
on the NeuroDot. Demonstrated wireless transmission of the full 8 channel data spectrum in intervals of 1 second at 250Hz, with no packet loss or significant delay. This addition could prove to be extremely useful as the NeuroDot can now send data as it records it, and will be processed on a receiving laptop simultaneously with no post collection processing needed.

Current Status

This project is complete.