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Go Baby Go (Ryan)

Enabling Engineering

The Need

A 4-year old with very limited motor controls and a visual impairment is in need of more freedom and independence which we hope to provide by building a small car that he will be able to use with his given limitations.

The Solution

The alterations made to the small car include changing the location of the acceleration button, configuring a new turning mechanism, and installing a four point harness to better stabilize the client. With limited motor control and visiblity, the acceleration pedal, was changed to a pressable button mounted on the left side of the car, near where his left hand would rest. Because of his disability, he would also be unable to turn a steering wheel, so the method of turning the front wheels will be converted to more buttons or head switches which will control a linear actuator attached to the front axle. For him to be able to drive around on his own, he must also be very stable in his seat to prevent any possible injuries. To ensure this, a U-shaped support structure made of PVC pipe was anchored to the back of the car, with a four-point harness attached across it and to both sides and the rear face or the car.