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Picture above is the 2018-2019 management team, from left to right: Kerri Lehman, Pragnya Kalidindi, Tyler Hill, Kaylin Devchand, Jordan Fernandes, and Liam Sullivan. Not pictured is coop Porter Warrick Hess and 3D printing assistant Jack Cardin.

Lab Space

We provide an environment for our students to meet and brainstorm project ideas. We are located 009 Hayden Hall (within the ECE capstone suite). The Lab also serves as a space to store prototypes for our projects

Community Partners

We work with various community partners such as You Are With Us, The Carter School, South Shore Educational Collaborative and many others to identify end users, develop project ideas and develop solutions to address such needs.

Engineering Assistance

Our large database of students across various engineering disciplines provides us access to a wide array of skills and expertise. Please reach out to us if you need help with a specific skill and we will try our best to find a student to assist you.


Enabling Engineering works with various professors and professionals in the Boston area and across the country who serve as mentors to our students. Our mentors provide support such as brainstorming ideas and valuable feedback to our project teams on how to improve designs.

Equipments and Tools

Ultimaker - Our 3D Printer, which is the most used lab equipment enables our teams produce prototypes when applicable at a fraction of the cost, significantly reducing bottlenecks projects faced in the past.

Carvey -  The Carving machine makes it possible to create 3D objects from various materials such as wood, metal and plastics making prototyping easy and fun.

Power and Electrical Tools - A variety of power tools such as power drill, power saw, circular saw, Dremel, soldering iron are available for use to students who undergo required training necessary to handle such tools.

Other Tools and Equipments -  Digital calipers, c-clamps, safety goggles and bench vise are also available to our students for use.